Structure and installation of load-bearing device and weighing bridge of electronic belt scale
Structure and installation of load-bearing device and weighing bridge of electronic belt scale
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The structure of electronic belt weigher mainly includes four bar type, double rod type, multi roller type, single supporting plate type, cantilever type and suspension type. The parallel bar multi roller electronic belt scale and suspension scale have long measuring parts, generally 2 ~ 8 sets of rollers, with high measurement accuracy, and are suitable for occasions with large flow and large measurement volume. Accuracy requirements. The belt speed of electronic belt scales of single roller and cantilever scales can be determined by the manufacturer, which is suitable for low flow rate area or control flow control area.


Weighing display mainly has two kinds of digital display and Chinese character display. Chinese character display is the upgrade product of digital display.

The weighing display has accumulated and instantaneous flow display, automatic zero setting, semi-automatic zero setting, self-test failure, digital calibration, flow control, printing and other functions.

In addition, Chinese character display can also display speed. Chinese character display has function display in the process of operation, which can help users operate better.

Electronic belt scale, speed measurement sensor, high precision weighing sensor, electronic belt scale control display instrument, etc., can continuously measure dynamic materials.

The weighing bridge of electronic belt scale is installed on the conveyor frame. When the material passes through, the measuring roller detects the weight of the material on the belt conveyor, and acts on the load cell through a lever to generate a voltage signal proportional to the belt load. The speed sensor is directly connected to the large diameter tachometer cylinder and provides a series of pulses, each pulse represents the belt movement unit, and its frequency is proportional to the belt speed. The weighing instrument receives the signals from the weighing sensor and the speed sensor, obtains the instantaneous flow value and the accumulated weight value through integral operation, and displays them respectively.


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