The moving direction of the circular vibrating screen changes the phase angle of the upper and lower
The moving direction of the circular vibrating screen changes the phase angle of the upper and lower
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The basic principle of the circular vibrating screen is to convert the rotary motion of the motor into horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion through the weight (unbalanced weight) installed at the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft, and then transmit it to the motor. engine. Screen surface. Changing the phase angle of the upper and lower counterweights will change the direction of the material.

As the circular vibrating screen is non-standard equipment, it is mainly customized according to the functional requirements of customers. Although the technical inspection is carried out at the factory, in general, we recommend that the customer mainly test the newly installed vibrating screen equipment for inspection. Whether the performance index can meet the needs of customers, users can check as much as possible in the demand environment to determine whether the vibrating screen equipment meets the requirements. Vibrating screen equipment testing machine is very good.

Here, taking the circular vibrating screen device as an example, the action sequence of the circular vibrating screen testing machine is carried out. First of all, the ground of the screen is relatively horizontal. Fix the foundation bolts to check whether the foundation bolts of the motor are tightened. Open the protective covers at both ends of the motor, turn on the power supply, and then try to check the rotation direction of the motor. The two motors move relatively and observe the exciting force. In general, linear screens have an excitation force of 5 mm to 10 mm. If the exciting force is too large or too small, the fixture of eccentric block at both ends of the motor can be adjusted. The larger the angle, the smaller the excitation force. The normal adjustment only adjusts the eccentric block outside the motor. Please note that the direction and angle of the eccentric block adjustment are the same.

How to adjust the amplitude of the circular vibrating screen: increasing the amplitude is helpful to the solid-phase transmission and increasing the output, while decreasing the amplitude is helpful to prolong the service life of the sieve and vibrator bearing. To change the amplitude, follow these steps:

(1) Turn off the power supply;

(2) Remove the shield on the vibrator;

(3) Rotate the outside of each counterweight on the vibrator shaft to change the excitation force generated by the vibrator.

(4) The balance is reproduced at the same percentage as the large excitation force and the eccentric block is locked.


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