The material characteristics should be considered when selecting the iron remover
The material characteristics should be considered when selecting the iron remover
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1. The correct selection of the iron remover must consider the iron content of the material, the iron removal requirements, the use environment and the characteristics of the iron remover itself.

2. When there is more iron in the material, the self discharging electromagnetic and permanent magnet iron remover with continuous iron discharge (RCDC, rcdd, rcdf, rcyc, RCT, cfdl Series) should be selected.

3. Manual unloading electromagnetic and permanent magnet Separators (rcda, rcdb, RCDE and RCY Series) should be used when the iron content in materials is low. It is beneficial to remove iron by properly reducing the hanging height.

4. When the material contains less iron, GJT series metal detector should be used with strong excitation self discharge electromagnetic iron remover to save energy and remove iron.

5. When the power capacity of iron remover is limited, permanent magnet separator should be used.

6. In case of severe dust, iron separators with totally enclosed structure should be used, such as rcdb, RCDE, rcdd, rcdf series electromagnetic products and rcyb, rcyd series permanent magnetic products.

7. When the iron remover is installed at the head of the belt conveyor, the driving wheel at the bottom of the iron remover should be non ferromagnetic material due to the forward momentum and looseness of the material.

Factors affecting iron removal by iron remover

1. Determine the iron removal effect of the iron remover in the actual production process. There are two main factors, one is the magnetic field strength of the iron remover itself, and the other is the correct installation method on site.

2. The iron removal effect of the separator is closely related to the height of the suspension, the thickness and thickness of the material. The lower the suspension of iron remover is, the better the iron removal effect is. The higher the effect is, the higher the dilution ratio of the material is.

3. The higher the magnetic field intensity of the iron remover, the better the iron removal effect. If you prefer to install, you must find the angle and hang the iron remover properly. The lower the suspension height, the better, without affecting the normal operation of the belt.

Users should choose the type of iron remover correctly according to the characteristics of the site. Correct installation and  suspension will have a great impact on the effect of iron remover. In the actual application process, it should be correctly used and maintained to achieve good iron removal effect.


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